FEITIAN Launches FEITIAN Academia Training in Paris, France

Nov 5th, 2010

Beijing, China, November 5th 2010. FEITIAN Technologies Co. Ltd., a leading software security company specializing in authentication products launches FEITIAN Academia training in Paris, France.

FEITIAN Technologies will launch FEITIAN Academia this December 10th to 11th in Paris France offering support for partners and customer in the region. Future training programs will be held at various locations worldwide, online trainings and web trainings will also be offered to educate partners and customers concentrating on information security products. The product focus will be OTP, FOAS, PKI ePass technologies and Smart Card Technologies.

Education and training are a key focus for the leading information security companies. Partners and customers need to be constantly updated on current trends, new products and devices. With the knowledge they are well suited to make better decisions when choosing and implementing security solutions. Many users worldwide are not well informed of the current trends, regulations and solutions available to help secure their world. Offering training now puts FEITIAN in the lead with the distinct advantage to educate and promote partners worldwide.

FEITIAN trainings will concentrate on two important venues. Onsite trainings will be held worldwide with the first training being held on December 10th to 11th in Paris, France. Attendees to the first Academia will come from Norway, Italy, Spain, Switzerland, England and France. These hands on trainings will include intensive trainings revolving around technical aspects of OTP, FOAS and Smart card technologies as well as sales and marketing training. International FEITIAN Academia events will be held worldwide with upcoming dates to be announced soon. Onsite trainings will educate and train all attendees and show a standard level of knowledge for the industry. Through this they will be able to support customers in all areas. Trainees in attendance through successful completion will have the opportunity to become FEITIAN certified in areas of sales and technical support.

All FEITIAN Academia events will be led by certified FEITIAN Technical Trainers specializing in the focused technology and Certified Sales Trainers focused on local markets. This allows for the most productive environment to educate and support partners and end users. All events will be free of charge to partners and end users interested in attending.

The second venue will be online, offering online trainings to all partners through the FEITIAN Partner Portal. Online trainings will allow the users to choose training topics revolving around their own business practices. These are easy to use, flexible and informative trainings adding extra support. The Partner Portal Academia sections will provide trainings concerning PKI, OTP, FOAS, Smart Cards and Software protection, all areas of concentration for FEITIAN.

Lack of knowledge of organizations that need to conform to directives and compliance regulations presents a problem in the industry. As directives and compliance regulations are put in place the organizations that must conform in many cases do not know what security measures to turn to in order to comply. In many cases they turn to a company that is local and has been in the industry. The actual organization does not understand the many aspects of PKI/OTP/Smart Cards and other technologies available to suit their needs. Educating the decision makers and partners is vital in order to provide the most effective solutions cost effectively. FEITIAN offers cost effective high quality solutions that would enable organizations to save and provide top of the line security. FEITIAN Academia's goal is to educate partners and decision makers to make better choices when choosing security solutions.

Support, education and dedication are key elements in information security success. Partners of information security companies need to be well informed on all aspects of the products and technically trained in order to properly provide the best service to end users. Without education partners are unable to offer the proper support needed. FEITIAN Academia understands these barriers and has launched programs to bring partners closer offering a higher level of support to partners and the local markets.