FEITIAN participates in GITEX EXPO in Dubai, UAE presence growth

Oct 21st, 2010

Beijing, China, October 20th 2010. FEITIAN Technologies Co. Ltd., a leading software security company specializing in authentication products, today announces their attendance at GITEX expo in Dubai, UAE.

FEITIAN attendance and participation at the GITEX expo in UAE once again has promoted growth in the region. Over the past years FEITIAN's presence in the region has been strong and growing. As the region develops quickly regulations are being put in place for PKI and two factor authentication technology allowing FETIAN to capture the ever growing market share.

UAE is seen as the hub for many countries in the region. It sits as the headquarters for many international companies servicing markets in the Middle East and Africa (MEA) creating the location for GITEX 2010. FEITIAN's presence at the GITEX expo has created even further discussion with enterprise and governmental leaders applied to integrating their technology to fulfill current needs. Around the region countries are developing at an astounding pace. With this growth comes the concerns faced in the data protection sector. As the MEA region enjoys growth FEITIAN looks forward to creating new partnerships in all sectors.

FEITIAN's concentration for this Expo is led by interest from the region. Based on current needs and regulatory compliance Smart Card technology, PKI and OTP have become increasingly popular. In the government sector data protection is vital and the lack of choice of companies that cannot only provide the level of technology but also have the experience when dealing with large nationwide roll outs of ID and passports are available. FEITIAN as a leader in the Chinese market and many markets abroad offers the experience needed the technology level required and competitive pricing models that make implementation of new technologies easy and efficient. For these reasons FEITIAN is seen as a global leader on the rise and set to capture emerging markets.

MEA region is now expanding, and as they do countries and enterprises will turn to FEITIAN for support. FEITIAN has shown as a global leader of information security products and continues to grow. Through their base in Beijing, China, FEITIAN has captured the market share in the banking sector working with all large banking organizations. This experience puts them in place to be able to work on large scale products and offer simple, smooth and reliable solutions to the masses.

Throughout the world regulations and directives are being put in place to regulate identification, transaction standards, data protection and privacy. The MEA region is no different and in many regions change is happening creating even more opportunities for FEITIAN in the region. Offering more potential daily the MEA regions continues to grow. Internet connections are on the rise, online transactions are becoming a norm and national id programs are being implemented. FEITIAN looks forward to offering security solutions to and ever adapting and developing region.

"MEA region is rising quickly and as they do they will demand more security. We are here to support all their needs and make the regions even more secure. Through our presence at GITEX we have been offered the opportunity to meet with regional leaders or governments and organizations to implement new security technologies. Our key advantages are our experience, technology leadership and competitive pricing. Through this we are confident our position in the MEA market will quickly rise." Said FEITIAN's International Department Director Dini Liu during the press release.