FEITIAN announces ROCKEY update offering Flash .swf file protection

Sep 27th, 2010

Beijing, China, August 25th. FEITIAN Technologies Co. Ltd., a leading software security company specializing in authentication and software protection products, today announces the update the ROCKEY 4 model will provide .swf protection.

ROCKEY's of family products are designed to help software developers to protect their software's intellectual property rights through ROCKEY's advanced hardware based protection system thus preventing revenue loss due to software piracy. The small device can be easily distributed and applied to software. ROCKEY's user friendly integration tools make protecting software copyright easier than ever. And now they will offer even further protection covering Flash .swf files.

As everyone knows piracy is a huge industry, and it is taking away needed profits from software developers. Studies from the BSA (Business software Alliance) have shown that the piracy rate in 2009 have risen to an astonishing rate of 43%. That would mean that nearly half of all software that is used is pirated. Measures need to be put in place to slow down and eventually stamp out piracy.

Software and computers have become a daily part of many people's lives around the world. Due to this, software spans many industries. This can range from computers, gaming, government, business to education. In the education industry piracy can affect the learning and benefit of students, thus effecting everyone's future.

Flash files can be posted on the Internet and viewed by anyone that has a flash player. But what if you wanted to use Flash for products? How could it be protected? Using the ROCKEY 4 you will have complete protection. Once the file is posted on the Internet it can only be viewed if the software protection dongle (USB) is inserted into the user's computer. The dongle stores part of the code and together with the software it is able to be viewed. No dongle, no software, no flash.

When educational publications are pirated it takes away investment from the educational industries, ending in loss and less educational products for students. The future of technology is bringing us easier and more interactive ways to learn and helping to educate the world. This is a worldwide problem that must be handled. FEITIAN's products offer the perfect solution, stopping piracy in its tracks. Through the use of the upgrade educational companies will be able to protect their Flash .SWF files, offering an innovative way for children and students to learn.

FEITIAN's main goal for the ROCKEY line is to stamp out piracy and let software developers do what they should be doing, developing new software for the world to benefit from.

"Through the update of our ROCKEY product line software education companies will have freedom to produce their applications using flash, a widely adopted product used by most of the world." Said Mr. Liu FEITIAN's International Operations Director. "This will offer more potential and other avenues for profits and for education without the fear of software being stolen and copied".