FEITIAN Launches Mobile OTP

Sep 20th, 2010

Beijing, China, September 10th 2010. FEITIAN Technologies Co. Ltd., a leading software security company specializing in authentication products, today announces the launch of Mobile OTP.

Mobile OTP offers a powerful authentication solutions that is easy to install, simple to deploy and convenient for all fields. The new Mobile OTP by FEITIAN allows banking/enterprise users a high level of security providing strong two factor authentication and the convenience of authentication on mobile phones. This creates the ultimate in security and convenience for customers worldwide.

In the past years FEITIAN has provided authentication and information security products that have been used by millions of users worldwide. Through the years of experience in the worldwide market they have developed a Mobile OTP system that can be deployed for large organizations and small easily, effectively and economically.

FEITIAN Mobile OTP offers multiple OATH compliant ways of authentication, including the time-based TOTP, event-based HOTP, and challenge-response based OCRA. The wide range of authentication modes can be used by your employees, business partners, retailers, and customers. Whether they are local, remote, or mobile, it is assured that only authorized users are permitted to access the confidential information and identities.

The FEITIAN Mobile OTP token installed on various mobile phones will generate a PIN-protected OTP password. Strong authentication is customized for accessing VPN remote applications, network operating systems, intranets, extranets, web servers or other web applications like Citrix and OWA. FEITIAN Mobile OTP token provides the advantages of AES encryption without any associated cost. As an application installed on the mobile device it provides a valuable alternative of the hardware token based secure one-time authentication.

The trend of Mobile phones has spread worldwide, now it is common in most countries for a large present of the population to have one or even more phones. In many countries Mobile phones in use actually exceed populations, while in many other countries mobile phone users are on the rise. In countries such as India mobile phone usage is on the rise, with users exceeding 600 million. Many people want smart phones and phones with more features. As these numbers rise the use of Mobile OTP becomes evident, people want convenience and easy. FEITIAN Mobile OTP offers this to its users, providing a secure strong authentication from the convenience of their phone.

FEITIAN Mobile OTP can support mobile multiple mobile platforms such as Blackberry, iOS, Android, Symbian, Windows Mobile and J2ME. This allows for Banks, Financial institutions and Enterprises easily be able to deploy two factor authentication to mobile phones.

Easy to integrate, easy to deploy, easy to use and offer state of the art technology with the highest level of security is FEITIAN's objective. The back end server comes preinstalled in a server application. It simply has to be plugged into the current system and it is ready to go. Deployment can take place immediately. It's that simple.

Around the world many countries have established directives for financial institutions and other areas to establish stronger authentication for users. For years organizations have avoided setting in place measures due to complex systems, deployment and a multitude of other reasons. FEITIAN Mobile OTP offers an easy solution for meeting and exceeding directives and setting in place higher security measures for clients.

"Offering Mobile OTP to the market is a huge step in the right direction. We are providing the security and convenience that users need and want. In Markets such as India and developing countries mobile phone usage is growing quickly, and users want to the convenience of using Mobile OTP. Due to our competitive advantages in our product line, experience in the market and competitive pricing our Mobile OTP will quickly grab hold of large markets and become an accepted authentication tool worldwide." Said FEITIAN's International Department Director Dini Yang.