FEITIAN Launches FOAS v3.0 back end server

Sep 13th, 2010

Beijing, China, August 10th. FEITIAN Technologies Co. Ltd., a leading software security company specializing in authentication products, today announces the launch of a new authentication server, FOAS v3.0.

FOAS V3.0 is an easy to use, user friendly and powerful authentication solution with new feature and enhancements that provides an excellent solution for companies of all sizes. The system can be customized to handle markets with large numbers of users to small size companies looking for the perfect authentication solution offering strong two-factor authentication for remote access to networks or web based applications.

The system has been designed to support the deployment, use and administration of FEITIAN OTP tokens. FOAS v3.0 matches perfectly with FEITIAN OTPc100, OTPc200, OTPc300 and mobile OTP tokens, creating an easy to deploy, easy to use and easy to manage system. It is a complete authentication solution supporting Windows, Mac and Linux operating environments.

FOAS v3.0 offers speed, stability, an array of management features, reporting features, and support and development flexibility. The FOAS V3.0 has been designed with the user and management in mind making it easy to integrate and manage.

In current times industries worldwide are looking for an easy to implement strong authentication system to support their security needs. FOAS v3.0 provides just that, an easy to integrate, easy to operate and easy to manage system. FEITIAN's focus is on financial organizations, e-commerce, enterprise, e-gaming and industries that are looking to authenticate users and protect data. This solution can be applied to any industry looking to protect access and authenticate its users.

FOAS v3.0 is designed for online application security. It supports OATH compliant challenge-response based OTP standards. With the assistance of challenge-response OTP tokens, e.g. FEITIAN OTPc300 provides advanced security for web applications such as client server two-way authentication and online transaction digital signatures.

FOAS's java enabled turn-key management platform is best for customers to integrate user authentication or signature validation in their individual applications. Start Jboss and open the browser, all administration functions are conveniently available through the web-based interface, which offers centralized user management, token management, and enhanced reporting features with graphical output.

The new version adds more speed and stability offering the ability to process 3,000 applications per second making it a good choice for enterprise and financial institutions. Also released in this version are enhanced security mechanisms into data protection and unified interface for license management. This version offers more speed, stability, reports, protection and more.

"With enhanced stability, scalability, and flexibility, FOAS v3.0 brings a brand-new experience to customers," said FEITIAN's CEO Mr. Huang. "The solution is designed to meet the ultimate demands from both enterprise and individual users. It's very easy to use and to deploy." Added Mr. Huang.

FOAS Server v3.0 is available as from today and will be distributed by FEITIAN and FEITIAN Integration Partners.