FEITIAN becomes First Entrust Ready partner in China

Apr 5th, 2005

At the onset of the Chinese New Year, FEITIAN's ePass Security Token passed Entrust Ready certification, establishing FEITIAN as the first Entrust Ready partner in China. FEITIAN's ePass security token provides drop-and-go integration with the Entrust/PKI enabling secure storage of the users' confidential information in encrypted form on their ePass token. FEITIAN's ePass Security Tokens are secure portable cryptographic tokens. Ideal for Entrust/PKI and other smart card applications: two-factor authentication, e-mail encryption, SSL secured websites, VPN logon, and more.

ePass has been granted Entrust Ready status with the Entrust Entelligence client and the Entrust Authority Security Manager. Entrust, Inc. is the global leader in securing digital identities and information. Through technologies such as encryption, authentication and advanced content scanning, Entrust has enabled customers to apply security policies and procedures that protect information and help fulfill regulatory demands, but not at the cost of sacrificing a user's empowerment. Since 1994, Entrust Technologies has provided award-winning solutions that furnish a unified approach to managing digital identities and information security across a wide variety of devices, applications, platforms and environments.