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WISeKey is a worldwide leading Cybersecurity company. Since its foundation in 1999, WISeKey has provided specialized technologies for data protection and effective identification and authentication of people and objects to ensure secured communications and transactions without compromising trust. WISeKey runs its own Root of Trust Cybersecurity platform and identity-based data security solutions for international organizations, governments, enterprises, and consumers spanning 102 countries.


Counterfeiting is a rampant and growing problem—currently the estimated worldwide market value of counterfeit goods exceeds $650 billion dollars. The fraudulent sale of products luxury goods, textiles, wine and spirits, including pharmaceuticals, damage the revenues and reputation of targeted brands. Therefore, it is critical to continuously insure consumer confidence and increase the perception of trust.


WISeKey offers a full range of anti-counterfeiting solutions that enable consumers and retailers to verify the authenticity of products before purchase. This is achieved by scanning the label with an NFC (Near Field Communication)-enabled smartphone or device. Additionally, WISeKey solutions allow suppliers and brand owners to globally track their products and engage with consumers at the point of sale and beyond to build brand loyalty. To date, alternative anti-counterfeiting solutions have been largely ineffective because counterfeiters have been able to replicate or circumvent the security features meant to deter fraud. The WISeKey solution provide secure elements in luxury product, which need reader to do verify, and Feitian offer aR530(audio jack NFC reader) on mobile platform, which is audio jack based on NFC reader, and the reader decisive advantage in audio protocol, and with good compatibility with mobile devices. The Wisekey based on Feitian reader developed mobile app on Android and iOS to identity the luxury product through aR530. And for PC platform, the Wisekey solution work with Feitian R502 reader to do identify and authentication through Wisekey secure browser on PC platform, the whole solution can work on Windows, Linux and macOS. the R502 developed based on CCID standard, support plug in and play on these platforms, provide convenience and ease to use for end user.


The overall solution is less circulation of counterfeit goods on the market, protecting the interests of businesses, Feitian products allow customers to enjoy anti-counterfeiting verification on multiple platforms. Provide users to identify, validate and interact with luxury goods, and apply Internet of Things technology to provide brand digital marketing and goods traceability services.