Fiscal Module for Cashiers

Scientific and Information Center of New Technologies of the State Tax Committee of the Republic of Uzbekistan (SIC NT) was established on September 14, 1995 by the Decree of the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Uzbekistan № 359. The main tasks of the SIC NT are the development, implementation and maintenance of software products designed to automate the functions of tax authorities for the accounting of objects and subjects of taxation. Currently, the tax authorities are fully automated. In its activities, the tax authorities use 35 software products and automated information systems created on the basis of WEB-technologies using a centralized database. Among them:

Accounting of objects of taxation and tax liabilities
Real-time accounting of payments to the state budget and extra-budgetary funds from the Bank
Processing and analysis of information from external sources for tax purposes
Processing of tax returns and information on day receipts of accumulative pension fees
Introduction of unified accounting of tax audits and their results
Personnel records database
Creation of an electronic database of documents on the basis of which accounting and control of their execution is carried out
Mobile application of tax inspector

Currently, SIC NT employs more than 30 specialists of software developers, The center provides quality software development services. Offering a full cycle of software development – from analysis and development to product maintenance and subsequent support. SIC NT team always accurately and on time fulfills all the requirements of customers to achieve their business goals.


In order to implement tax automation in retail business, SIC NT developed purchase receipt registration system. In such case, 250, 000 cashiers should be registered in SIC NT system and obtain Fiscal Module. Fiscal Module should comply to National Crypto Algorithms and Standards, big user memory and have different formfactors. After evaluation of hardware, cost and R&D abilities of different vendors, SIC NT has choose FEITIAN Technologies as a main vendor for Fiscal Modules. FEITIAN Technologies and local partner Cumulative Business Solutions (CBS) have started project implementation.

CBS has PKI applet, fiscal applet and corresponding software, and they are looking for java based products to support their applets, and UZ has their own cryptography algorithms which is based on GOST of Soviet Union, the java COS must support the algorithms. So based on FEITIAN’s strong java COS development ability and capacity of hardware production, CBS and FEITIAN cooperate to provide the whole solution for fiscal module project of UZ.


FEITIAN has seasoned Java COS R&D team and card factory with various certification, in this project, we first study and research about the GOST algorithms and provide customized java COS to support GOST algorithms and big number functions in order to support CBS applets. Also, our JCIDE helps CBS to develop and debug their java applets.

On hardware level, through deep discussion with customer, finally FEITIAN eJava Token and A22CR java card in SIM size are selected for the project, FEITIAN also provides the customization services for both eJava Token with engrave serial number on USB connector and A22CR SIM card with laser printing of serial number and logo printing, and CBS will load their applets locally in UZ. So end users would use FEITIAN eJava Token and A22CR card to finish the online tax and digital signing.

The solution used Java Card 2.0.4, GP 2.1.1, GOST algorithms standard, Big Number function for java COS customization. And provide personalization for eJava Token and A22CR card in FEITIAN factory.


FEITIAN Technologies has developed reliable products according to customer needs and requirements, which passed all stress tests. In June 2019, we have shipped 1500 pcs of SIM-sized A22CR cards and 1000 pcs of eJava Tokens for pilot project. In July 2019, SIC NT will announce results. Project volume is 250, 000 pcs of Fiscal Modules each year.

By deploying FEITIAN’s outstanding ePass FIDO -NFC and MultiPass FIDO Security Keys, we’ve literally reduced the risk of our employees’ account being hacked down to ZERO.

―John Doe, Product Manager at Google LLC.

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