OTP Seed Programming in Germany

MTRIX is a Germany company who provides authentication solutions to German-speaking countries, it was founded in the year of 2006 as a distributor for hardware tokens/keys, and then begins to solutions such as desktop login, cloud authentication, MFA, SSO and many others.


MTRIX has been distributing FEITIAN OTP tokens for a few years, together with the authentication servers from Micro Focus, KeyIdentity or AuthLite, Mitrix is promoting the whole authentication solution to its customers.

For OTP tokens, the most credential part is the seed/secret, if the seeds were leaked or hacked, the whole authentication system will be compromised. To avoid this, a user can use HSM to protect its system, to make sure that all the data are encrypted, so even if the encrypted seed data were leaked or hacked, the system will be still secure, since the encrypted data will be of no use to a hacker. But still, since the token seed/secret were programmed by the token suppliers, it is still possible that they will be leaked from there, no matter how many protection mechanisms the token suppliers used. To some users, it will never be same to use the token seed/secret programmed by the token suppliers.


With FEITIAN Seed Programming solution, MTRIX can re-program the seeds/secrets in Germany for all its OTP tokens, FEITIAN will have no touch to any of the token seeds. Furthermore, MTRIX offers the seed self-programming service to its customers, which means a MTRIX customer can re-program the OTP token all by himself, so the customer himself will be the only one who knows the seeds.

FEITIAN offers MTRIX the OTP tokens (re-programmable), the dedicated Seed Programmer/Burner, and the SDK to integrate the Seed Programmer to its own system. After receiving the OTP tokens from FEITIAN, MTRIX will re-program them all in Germany before sending them to end users, if needed, an end user can even re-program the token seed by using a web-based seed programming service that MTRIX provides.


With the “Programmierung in Deutschland”(Programming in Germany) feature, the key part (token seed/secret) of MTRIX tokens are generated in Germany and also programmed into the tokens in Germany (could be by MTRIX or the end user), this can soothe the end user’s worry of seed leaking, and thus provide the end users with the highest level of security.

By deploying FEITIAN’s outstanding ePass FIDO -NFC and MultiPass FIDO Security Keys, we’ve literally reduced the risk of our employees’ account being hacked down to ZERO.

―John Doe, Product Manager at Google LLC.