French Medical Transportation

SORAYA is a French company founded in 1994, specializing in publishing management software for CPAM* contracted taxi driver. For 20 years, Soraya dedicates to reduce administrative management time via simplifying services and tools. Until today, there are 1379 customers trust Soraya and 171 new contracted drivers since 2018.

SORAYA’s solution consists following 3 parts:

Soraya Taxi, a management software for contracted drivers, it will allow drivers to build and transmit their files to health organizations.
Soraya Taxi AndGO, a management, planning and billing application for contracted drivers. Easy to create newpatient, agency, prescriber or complementary records and verify the rights of patients.
SMARTVITALE, A compact, mobile Bluetooth smart card reader to read patients' Carte Vitale (healthinsurance card).


Soraya Taxi AndGo is an application developed on Android and iOS systems. Each contracted driver will have Bluetooth smart card reader, SMARTVITALE. Before using, the card reader needs to be paired with mobile devices, such as mobile phones or tablets. When drivers arrive patient’s home, they need to verify patient’s information by accessing Soraya Taxi AndGO. The patient’s data will be input into the application automatically after inserting the patient’s Carte Vitale into the reader. Here is the tutorial video.

*CPAM: stands for Caisse Primaire d'Assurances Maladie, is the local department level of the national health insurance administration.


SORAYA wants to process patients’ data securely and efficiently due to all data are related to privacy and even sometimes is a matter of life and death. FEITIAN Bluetooth Smart Card Reader, which is compatible with iOS and Android devices, meets the requirements perfectly. Thanks to the Bluetooth Card Reader, patients' data can be collected in a blink of an eye. As to the reader itself, it equipped MFi certified high-security level chipset, and all the personal information is encrypted, can only be accessed via strong authentication using SSL (Secure Sockets Layer), which provides solid protection for all private data.