National ID Reader

Apololab is a group of health and IT professionals committed to improve the healthcare and quality of life in Latin America by offering inexpensive and extremely easy to use technologies to make the healthcare sector more efficient, reliable and accessible.

An organization specialized in Health Care Innovation, Project Management, and Health Care Investigations. Founded in 2013 by the Director of Panamanian Institute for clinical investigations, who previously was the CEO of Bio-Trials and Director of Quintiles.

ApoloLab created DrsBee Healthy, an electronic prescription medication service that motivates people to follow through their treatment with the help of their mobile phones.


“No era posible realizar firmas digitales desde teléfonos móviles. Lo cual obstaculiza la adopción de la firma digital masivamente.”

(It was impossible to execute digital signing through mobile phones(smartphones), such fact was an obstacle in the adoption pace of PKI in scale.)

-Spokes person for APOLOLAB Inc.


The FEITIAN mobile reader bR301 upon customization, allowed for full integration of multiple healthcare environments that can and will be deployed nationally.

Currently the healthcare sector is actively establishing agreements with the national TELECOM sector and the BANKING sector before formalizing hardware deployment.


Through the consistent efforts of pushed forward in Panama and Costa Rica, ApoloLab have positioned as a pioneer from the private sector paving the way to an accessible HealthCare system in the 21st century in their markets. Reduction to zero of the defective units through FEITIAN Tech Support team.

Initial projection for the market size at 10 000 units in 2016, the updated projections in 2019 are in national level in Costa Rica (population of 4.91 mln approximately).

Soporte técnico del equipo de FEITIAN, apertura para optimizar el uso de las librerías. Batería de larga duración. No hemos tenido equipos defectuosos.

(Technical support from FEITIAN, availability to optimize the usage of libraries, long duration of the battery and no defective units.)

―ApoloLab Tech Team.

Muy buen soporte durante el proceso de integración a nuestras aplicaciones e desarrollos que utilizan el lector de FEITIAN y alta calidad de los lectores.

(Very good support during the integration possess to our APPs and developments that use the FEITIAN mobile reader. High quality of the readers.)

-ApoloLab Corporate Leadership

By deploying FEITIAN’s outstanding ePass FIDO -NFC and MultiPass FIDO Security Keys, we’ve literally reduced the risk of our employees’ account being hacked down to ZERO.

―John Doe, Product Manager at Google LLC.