FEITIAN Gains Microsoft MISA Membership and Grows FIDO2 Passwordless Products

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AllinPass FIDO2


FIDO certified

The AllinPass security key provides users with a strong, user-friendly, passwordless logon experience. The Bluetooth® Certified BLE module embedded in the AllinPass FIDO2 Security Key ensures seamless communication with most mainstream mobile devices and PCs. The NFC communication is fully compliant with the IS 14443 standard and will work with all compliant smart card readers.

FEITIAN will provide an SDK for clients and developers looking to integrate FIDO authentication into their mobile applications. The FEITIAN AllinPass is a FIDO2 certified authenticator which effectively protects users against phishing attacks, MITM attacks, and server credential breaches. The CC EAL 6+ Secure Element embedded in the AllinPass FIDO2 Security Key will also provide strong chip level protection and runs mature algorithms ensuring data security.

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Same Height Control
BioPass FIDO2 K26
FIDO certified
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BioPass FIDO2 K27
FIDO certified
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Fingerprint Card
RFID for access
Smart chip with contactless interface
BLE for enrollment
Identification card
Payment card

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