FEITIAN Fingerprint Biometric Security Key Supports Newest Microsoft Azure Active Directory Passwordless Authentication Capabilities

Microsoft and FEITIAN introduce the first FIDO2 Fingerprint Biometric Solution for Microsoft personal account and Microsoft Azure AD to eliminate passwords.

Would You Like To Put Your Company On The Path to Passwordless Authentication?

If you are representing an Enterprise level organization who is looking to use Passwordless Fingerprint Biometric keys, you may be eligible for a FREE “Path To Passwordless” sample kit.

*The sample keys are provided at no-charge when you cover the shipping.

Thank you for your interest in FEITIAN’s Passwordless Fingerprint Biometric Authentication portfolio! 

The limited time promotional sale has completed. If you would like to get the Biometric Keys, please visit our US/Canada Store or the Worldwide Store.

For More information on the FEITIAN Passwordless Fingerprint Biometric Authentication, please click here.