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Smart Card Reader

A sword that cuts both ways

The Feitian line of smart card readers provides a reliable platform to integrate advanced features of smart-chip based cards with a computer's data processing interface. Feitian smart card readers are compatible with all major user operating systems and are made available in a diverse array of styles with varying data insert modules and management standards as well as fully contactless protocols. Upon request Feitian readers can be modified to conform to the specifications of any special deployment.

Feitian's ROCKEY series of smart card readers are engineered to satisfy the criteria of ISO7816 and ISO14443 international electronic identification card standards as established by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) and the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC).

R301 C11 Casing

Feitian R301 (Contact Reader) is PCSC Reader, compliant with ISO7816 and EMV Level 1 specifications. It supports cards that are compliant with ISO-7816 T=0 and T=1 Class A, B and C.

R301 C25 Casing

Feitian R301 (Contact Reader) using new casing, all the technical specification same with iR301 C11 reader. The new casing will be more thinner(The height only 11mm) and more smooth and more shining.

R301 B5 Casing

Feitian R301 B5 (SIM Slot Contact Reader) is PCSC Reader, it apply SIM Card slot that allow user inert them SIM card convert to a authentication device. The portable,small and exquisite and provides an extraordinary user experience


Feitian R502 Reader is a Dual-interface smart card reader developed by Feitian Technologies. It is based on CCID driver. It supports not only contact cards compliant with ISO 7816 but also contactless cards compliant with ISO 14443 and contactless cards following Mifare standard. It also provides SIM card slots for many kinds of smart card applications. 


R502-CL( USB Contactless reader) is a terminal interface device for smart card applications and system integrations. It can be widely used in industries or applications requiring electronic payment and authentication, especially suitable for the high security fields. It is an optimal solution for authentication, e-commerce, financial organizations, access control etc. 

iR301 - iDock Smart card Reader

iR301(iDock mobile reader) suits customers where security concerns are the most salient and can be widely use on ID authentication, e-commerce, e-payment, information security and access control. 

bR301 - Bluetooth Smart card Reader

Blue tooth connection allows developers to easily integrate smart card applications for higher security and flexibility on all mobile devices and PCs supporting Bluetooth.

iPad Mini Casing Reader

iPad Casing Reader iDock bring to customers BYOD(bring your own device) concept. Where security concerns are the most salient and can be widely use on ID authentication, e-commerce, e-payment, information security and access control.iPad mini casing reader support iPad mini and iPad mini with retina display

iPad 2/new iPad Casing Reader

iPad Case Reader iDock using Apple 30-PIN connector, Support iPad 2 and new iPad.

iPad Air Casing Reader

iPad Air using lightning connector, which support iPad Air. The iPad Air casing reader we apply new design, it will be more light and more smooth.

aR530 - AudioJack NFC Reader

The aR530 is NFC contactless reader with audio jack, support android and iOS, also you can using it on your PC. Embed 480mHa battery for user.