What We Do

FEITIAN provides strong authentication solutions to fit the needs that covers financial, healthcare, government, enterprise, payment, and more. Backed with a strong and experienced R&D team, FEITIAN is able to quickly react to the industry trends and market requests, with easy integration at competitive cost.

Before You Start

Helpful articles

Are you a victim of data breach?

A way to check the leakage source and see if you are a victim of data breach, and learn how to protect yourself against it.

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Secure Telecommuting With FEITIAN Solutions

Amidst the health crisis of COVID-19, businesses have to adopt telecommuting in order to keep their businesses afloat. With FEITIAN Security Solutions, you can have this alternative way of working secure and convenient.

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An Introduction to FEITIAN Fingerprint Card Series

By introducing a fingerprint sensor to card, FEITIAN has made a big change to the industries of bank, identity, transportation and others.

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Secure your accounts with Google Advanced Protection

Introduction about how FEITIAN Security Keys works with Google advanced protection.

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FIDO Compatible Services

List of services that support FIDO authentication where FEITIAN FIDO Security Keys are usable.

Setting up Biometric Keys

The last step before passwordless authentication, learn how to set up biometric on FEITIAN Security Keys.